Conan Venus

Unique Name. Unique Perspective

You probably don’t know me.
That’s exactly why you should read this. 
My name is Conan Venus.
Everything else about me is refreshingly normal.    
Innovation, creativity, and technology.
That’s my sweet spot. That’s what I do. And it’s from there that I offer my opinions to you, so that you can learn from my mistakes, build on my wins, and ultimately solve more challenges—both the nagging ones and the ones you don’t yet know you have.
- Strategic Leadership
- Social Media 
- Marketing and Advertising
- Digital and Mobile Solutions
- Writing and Creativity
- Trends and Innovation


 I am just an average guy, like millions of other average guys out there. Aside from my name, probably the only thing that makes me unique is my professional experience.

Back in the day I wanted to be a fine artist, the next Pablo Picasso if you will. However, as I honed my skills in “the real world" an unexpected progression took place. As I continued to learn more and more about myself and my skills, I found I was a better Illustrator than painter, a better designer than Illustrator, a better creative director than designer, a better project manager than creative director, a better account manager than project manager, whew, and finally, hopefully, a better business owner than employee.


The one constant among my many, many hats. 

I’ve made some changes in my career, yet one thing that’s remained continuous has been my interest and involvement in creating things with digital tools—from illustrating, designing, and developing with them to managing innumerable rich media campaigns to presenting proof-of-concept mobile apps.

Even now, as an entrepreneur building a mobile marketing and social media company, you’ll still find me directing projects, cultivating ideas, thought-leading, and, yes, sometimes obsessing in places where digital technology, creativity, and innovation meet.